Casale San Giorgio

Casale San Giorgio was founded in Aprilia in 1950, by Francesco Saverio de Leone and his wife Georgiana, whom, after long and careful search, found the perfect place for their company.
Initially, the company was devoted to cattle breeding; nowadays, Casale San Giorgio has undergone a slow and radical transformation, and, driven by the same passion, the family understood that the area was particularly suited to olive growing.

And this is how one of the current excellences of the Agro Pontino - the extra virgin olive oil of this area - was born; the area is characterized by green hills facing south west and a particularly mild climate, perfect for olive growing.
Today, Casale San Giorgio olive groves spread for ten hectares, with a super-intensive farming system developed with renewable energies while respecting nature and the environment.

Casale San Giorgio’s secret is the attention devoted to all the farming phases, from cultivation to harvest to milling and bottling, which is done at zero km in the modern company’s oil press. A sustainable cycle, even during the olive processing phase, since the energy that powers the oil press is taken from solar panels and recycled olive pits to create the “nocciolino”, a high-energy fuel.
Territory, focus on farming, attention to sustainability and passion are a perfect mix that creates two different and opposite oils, the gentle Ponentino and the intense Maestrale.

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