Case d'Alto

The Case D'Alto Farm, located in Grottaminarda, in the province of Avellino, was founded to lend greater visibility to the territory, promoting products such as extra virgin olive oil and wine. Since its foundation, its goal has been to achieve high quality standards using techniques with low environmental impact while adopting a strict discipline. The extra virgin olive oils are a part of the Irpinia region’s heritage, and the work carried out by this company has contributed to their diffusion even outside Italy.

The Case D'Alto farm has chosen to use only green olives in its production of extra virgin olive oil. The over 750 olive trees enjoy the ideal climate of the hills of Carpignano, 500 meters above sea level. Only organic fertilizers are used on the different cultivars (Leccino, Marinese, Ravece and Olivella di Grottaminarda), in the periods preceding the harvest. Harvesting is carried out exclusively by hand (with the aid of facilitators).

The period chosen coincides with the first ten days of October, i.e. earlier than tradition dictates. While on the one hand, this choice has negative repercussions on the yield, on the other hand it exalts the properties of the oil.

The subsequent cold extraction is carried out mechanically, in a continuous cycle mill.

Working in the respect of tradition, while still being able to experiment, the Case D'Alto Farm has obtained important recognition from the public and critics.

The Coevo Italiano extra virgin olive, reveals a clean fruity aroma of medium intensity, with surprising notes of ripe fruit and light hints of musk. Coevo Raceve, another excellent product, is an oil of refined complexity, with a strong scent of green tomato, notes of bitter herbs and a green apple aftertaste.

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  1. Olio extravergine di oliva Ravece Case D'Alto 500 ML
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    2020 Harvest
    Case D'Alto Ravece extra virgin olive oil 500 ML
    • BIO BIO
    Type: Olio evo monovarietale
    Olive types: Ravece
    Origin: Italia
    Regione Produttore: Campania
    Fruity: Intense fruity
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