The Società Agricola Doria represents a historical reality of Doria, a locality in the plain of Sibari, in the province of Cosenza. The Company, already active in the early 20th century, has exploited the presence of citrus groves, peach orchards and olive groves since its foundation. Its popularity is mainly due to the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil. Over the decades, the quality of the products has been ensured by the unchanged respect for the values behind the business, such as the protection of nature and the ecosystem, and the desire to give customers products designed to ensure their well-being. Hence, the investments in research, and the continuous innovation of production methods; all this without giving up the precious lessons learned from tradition.

Agricola Doria has chosen to bring to market both monocultivar and blends (introduced in 2011). Focusing on indigenous varieties has allowed one of its leading oils, the Monocultivar Grossa di Cassano, to obtain a prestigious recognition, "3 olives" in the Slowfood guide. Also worth mentioning are cultivars such as Cipressino, able to amaze the palate with its strong bitter notes, Caromea, with hints of fresh almonds, and Etnea. Blends include the Sud, obtained from Coratina, Nocellara del Belice and Tondina.

The importance given to packaging methods bears witness to the company's continuous focus on its products. The use of tins and cans has always been favored, as they allow the extra virgin oil to be preserved in the best possible way, keeping its organoleptic characteristics unchanged over time. Looking to the future has led to the creation of new flavor combinations. Since 2013, for instance, consumers have been able to buy condiments made with extra virgin olive oil and flavored with citron and bergamot, typical Calabrian citrus fruits

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  1. Olio EVO Sud Multivarietale  Biologico Doria Calabria 500 ML
    Our preferred Doria “Sud” extra virgin olive oil 500 ML
    • BIO BIO
    Type: Olio evo multivarietale biologico
    Olive types: Roggianella, Coratina, Nocellara Del Belice
    Origin: Italia
    Regione Produttore: Calabria
    Fruity: Medium fruity
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