Frantoio Ranchino

Tradition, commitment and passion: these are the pillars on which Eugenio Ranchino's work is based. His family has always produced extra virgin olive oil in the Orvieto hills. Here the olive trees, the work in the oil mill and the care necessary to extract an excellent extra virgin olive oil from the fruit that has reached the right degree of ripeness have been handed down for centuries, from generation to generation.

In 2002, the whole plant was modernized, and today the Ranchino oil mill is one of the most modern in the area. The oil is cold extracted in a two-phase continuous cycle plant. The extraction technique does not require the addition of water, resulting in a wholesome and pure oil.

The Ranchino family estate is located in Orvieto, in the locality of Canale. Eugenio and his family own over 3,000 trees, which are cared for with systems that are partly mechanical and partly traditional. The plants are fertilized with organic substances and green manure of different essences. The land is of volcanic origin and is 450 meters above sea level: these characteristics make the Ranchino oil unique and different from other oils in Umbria.

To understand how strong Eugenio Ranchino's bond is with the territory and with his family, you just need to read the labels produced by his oil mill. Poggio Amante, the PDO Umbria extra virgin olive oil, with its soft and round taste, recalls the story, handed down by oral tradition, of the Poggio dell'Amante lovers. The Femmine oil is dedicated to the women of the family, and in particular to Eugenio's daughters, Giulia and Rosa. Canale 53 is the label that tells the story of the Ranchino family: the name refers to the address of the oil mill, the place where this extra-virgin oil with its intense aroma and taste originates, an expression of the millenary culture of oil in this area.

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  1. Umbria "Poggio Amante" extra virgin olive oil
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    2020 Harvest
    Frantoio Ranchino Umbria "Poggio Amante" extra virgin olive oil 500 ML
    • DOP DOP
    Type: Olio evo multivarietale Dop
    Olive types: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Altre
    Origin: Italia
    Regione Produttore: Umbria
    Fruity: Medium-intense fruity
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