Il Cavaliere

The Il Cavaliere farm is much more than a simple oil producer. The project is rooted in a beautiful story of friendship, and brings together unique and important ingredients: the passion for the area around Lake Garda, the love for olive trees and the attention to people that are struggling.

Il Cavaliere was born from the initiative of two friends, who wanted to create a new business to give an opportunity for redemption to young people in the area. They are not only offered a job, but also a path of professional growth, with training certified at European level. The founders of Il Cavaliere have always been involved in social work and are passionate about olive trees. They have combined their experiences and passions to create a farm that is open to the community, respectful of the environment and gives priority to quality.

Behind every bottle of extra virgin olive oil there is the work of unemployed young people or those who have gone through periods of personal hardship, and olive groves recovered from abandonment. With hard work, dedication and competence, the young people that work in the company have been producing an extra virgin olive oil of absolute quality since 2015. Daily activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of sustainable agriculture, using renewable energy and recyclable materials. The 

PDO Garda extra virgin olive oil is Il Cavaliere's calling card: it adheres to the production regulations of the Garda PDO Consortium, and is made from olives of the Casaliva - a local cultivar - Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo and Pendolino varieties. Equally excellent is the Il Blend, extra virgin olive oil, obtained from olives of the FS17 variety. The citrus condiments, on the other hand, are a blend of tradition and originality: rediscovering an ancient recipe, the guys behind Il Cavaliere have created this oil flavored with lemons and oranges that grow along the shores of the lake.

The quality standards of Il Cavaliere are extremely high and rigorous, because they believe in their choices:

  1. The olive pressing phase takes place within 6 hours of the olives being harvested.
  2. The oil produced is stored in steel tanks with an inert atmosphere (under nitrogen), so as to prevent any oil oxidation issues.
  3. Bottling is made to order, in small bottles to ensure as little oxygen as possible.
  4. The shipping phase takes place only at the beginning of each week to avoid long storage times at the courier’s.

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