Il Simposio

Il Simposio, a farm located a few kilometers from Nettuno, was founded in the 50s by Franco Nardelli, father of Maria Luisa, who currently carries on the family business with passion and dedication.

The particular name was chosen by Maria Luisa who, as a lover of Plato, saw a connection between the famous Platonic dialogue in which conviviality is expressed, and the fruits of the earth to which it is suited.

Il Simposio stands on 14 hectares in the Roman countryside where there is a mild climate helped by the proximity of the sea and protected by the Lepini Mountains behind it. 4000 olive trees of four different varieties: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Coratina are planted in this favourable territory.

The attention and care with which the olive groves are tended and managed shows us the desire to make a product of excellence that does not focus on large quantities but on quality. The choice of polyconic vase pruning, which favours olive collection while respecting the physiology of the plant that needs air and light, collection carried out by hand picking and milling within 24 hours, give birth to a product with excellent organoleptic characteristics.

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  1. Olio extravergine di oliva Il Simposio Il Simposio 500 ML
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    2020 Harvest
    Il Simposio Olio extravergine di oliva “Il Simposio” 500 ML
    Type: olio evo multivarietale
    Olive types: 60% Frantoio, 30% Leccino, 10% Rosciola
    Regione Produttore: Lazio
    Fruity: Medium fruity
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