Olearia Santella

Olearia Santella is linked to the story of the same-name family, which has been pursuing the project of enhancing a product deeply linked to its territory with passion and enthusiasm, for four generations.

In the 1990s, Roberta and Massimo decided to purchase a farmhouse and a land located in the so-called Conca D’Oro, the olive grove valley between Montegiovi and Seggiano, and to plant 200 olive trees from the Olivastra Seggianese cultivar. Over the years, the company has expanded, also by recovering abandoned olive groves, and today it has 950 certified PDO Seggiano plants.
The Santella family’s passion stands out also by the fact that, despite the fact that promoting the Olivastra Seggianese is still their main mission, they are willing to be on top of the times and tackle new techniques.

Olivastra Seggianese is difficult to handle at agronomic level, and this is why manual techniques are still widely spread, both during its harvest and during field operations. In addition, they entail a lower environmental impact. The attention and care continue also during the extraction phase; thanks to the different ageing-based timings, Olearia Santella manages to obtain three extra virgin olive oils with different chemical and organoleptic characteristics for diverse pairings from the same cultivar.

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