Azienda Rollo was founded in the 1970s, when Giovanni Rollo purchased an estate with olive trees and vineyards in the Chiaramonte Gulfi area - popular for its production of high quality oil.
Twenty years later, his son Giorgio took over the company and decided to get rid of the wine production, to focus entirely on the oil; shortly after, they receive their first recognition, with the PDO certification of the Monti Iblei, which is currently the “Letizia” PDO Monti Iblei Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the only production of Azienda Rollo.
Today, Azienda Rollo produces an average of 100 hectolitres, obtained from 2450 olive trees (90% Tonda Iblea and 10% Nocellara Messinese) spread over 21 hectares of land.
Milling is done through cold extraction with continuous cycle plants, within 12 hours from manual harvesting, following the parameters set forth by the PDO Monti Iblei production guidelines.

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  1. Letizia Azienda Rollo extra virgin olive oil 500 ML
    Rollo “Letizia" extra virgin olive oil 500 ML
    • DOP DOP
    Type: multivarietal evo oil
    Olive types: 90 % Tonda Iblea, 10 % Nocellara Messinese
    Origin: Italia
    Regione Produttore: Sicilia
    Fruity: Intense fruity
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