Are you a producer?

OlivYou is Italy's largest online sales platform for premium-quality extra virgin olive oil, which showcases and promotes the best producers.

Becoming an OlivYou PARTNER is an opportunity reserved to extra virgin olive oil producers who promote quality and origin by controlling the entire production chain. Those olive growers who are attentive to the protection of the environment and the landscape and capable of enhancing the rich varietal heritage of our country. The extra virgin olive oils that we select and market must be organoleptically valuable, able to enhance the varietal differences, inextricably linked to the origins and therefore to the territory of origin. The quality parameters for EVO oil cannot be linked only to analytical results: they must include attributes that relate to the tracking of the production history of the oil along the supply chain.

What are the advantages of becoming an OlivYou partner?

Through OlivYou, oil mills and small artisan producers gain greater visibility, making themselves known to the general public and increasing sales by being able to reach customers in every corner of Italy, and soon in Europe. The possibility of opening a new sales channel such as the Internet, which is often difficult to manage independently in an immediate, easy and effective way. OlivYou believes in the quality of Italian quality olive growing and fully embraces the philosophy of a production composed of craftsmanship and passion. We introduce our wide audience to great quality oils, telling the story behind each bottle.

If you share our philosophy and have the same passion, follow these easy steps to become our partner:

1) Send an email to, specifying your company details (company name, producer name, email, telephone, region, annual production, olive variety, denomination and website address if applicable) for a first evaluation of your company.

2) After the first contact, in case of interest, our team will ask you to send a sample (2 x bottles per label) to be tasted by our oil sommeliers.

3) If you pass the tasting phase, you will be contacted directly by our Manager for a catalogue selection.

If you have any further questions please send an email to and we will be happy to provide you with any information you require.