FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In this section, you will find the answers to your questions. Look through the sections listed here to find the information you are searching for. For further enquiries, you can also contact us via email, chat Monday to Friday, between 10am and 1pm and 2pm and 7pm.

Who's OlivYou?

OlivYou offers its customers the experience of buying extra virgin olive oil online. Our goal is to offer the widest assortment of quality olive oils and olive oil products, both domestic and foreign, with an excellent customer service, the advantages of an easy and secure online purchase and the convenience of home delivery.

How are OlivYou.com products selected?

Each oil or product is carefully selected by our experts who guarantee its quality. You will find the main features and information about the product in the relevant product sheet on our website.

I am a producer/distributor, how can I offer my oils?

By sending an email to info@olivyou.com, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Are the items on olivyou.com always available?

They tends to be; however, a product may run out of stock, also due to the number and size of orders placed by customers in a very short period. In the event that a product ordered is missing, you will be contacted to change the order made, buying one or more alternative products or to cancel the order. In the latter case, OlivYou shall promptly return the amount paid in advance.

Is there a minimum or maximum limit to the number of bottles of a certain item I can buy?

No, there is no limit, you can even order just one bottle. If you order more bottles than those actually available in stock, the shipment may be postponed to wait for the necessary replenishment. In this case, you will be informed by one of our operators. In case restocking is not possible within a reasonable time - as it could happen for particularly sought-after oils and limited productions - you will be contacted to modify or possibly cancel your order. In the latter case, OlivYou shall promptly return the amount paid in advance.

Do the prices shown on the website include VAT?

The prices indicated on the Website for products and shipping costs are always inclusive of VAT.

Can I order products from olivyou.com for corporate gifts or giveaways to my employees and associates?

Sure. We can suggest special offers tailored to your needs, make deliveries to the home of your customers or employees or a single delivery to your company or your delegate. Contact us at info@olivyou.com or by phone at +39.02.92800713.


Is registration on olivyou.com necessary to place an order?

You are not required to register to place an order.

What are the advantages of registering with olivyou.com?

Registering on olivyou.com will allow you to:

  • Consult the information on your personal profile page and modify it at any time
  • Avoid entering all billing and shipping information for each order.
  • Consult your order history
  • Receive news via e-mail and be informed on promos and news.
  • Benefit from all services and promos reserved exclusively for members.
How can I track the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, you must log into your account in the top right bar of the website. Then, re-enter the e-mail address and password you used when you registered your order. In your control panel, you will find all your orders with their processing status. Access to this area is allowed only to customers who have registered during the purchase process.

How and where can I check the availability of an item?

When you select an item, you will find information on its availability in the datasheet next to the price box.

Is it possible to cancel an order already placed?

The order can only be canceled by Consumer customers before it is shipped. To request cancellation, please contact us as soon as possible at our Customer Service, indicating the details of the order to be cancelled, your name and surname and your telephone number. If the cancellation request is received when the order is already in the process of being shipped, the package shipment cannot be interrupted. In this case, if the relevant conditions apply, you can still resort to the right of withdrawal provided by the Consumer Code for the conclusion of distance contracts.

How do I exercise the right of withdrawal?

All purchases made by consumers on olivyou.com are subject to the discipline of Legislative Decree 206 of 2005 (Consumer Code), which guarantees for this category of customers the right of withdrawal. Exercise of this right is regulated as follows:

The products returned must be intact, still sealed if possible, in their original packaging: for products damaged or altered by the Consumer, it will not be possible to exercise the right of withdrawal.
This right is reserved for individuals acting for purposes unrelated to entrepreneurial, commercial, craft or professional activities: it therefore excludes retailers, professionals, entrepreneurs and their intermediaries.
To exercise this right, the Consumer may:

Send an email or fax or registered letter within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the products to Customer Service (servizioclienti@olivyou.com), indicating:

  • invoice number
  • order number
  • order date
  • the product or products for which they intend to exercise the right of withdrawal, indicating the item code for each one
  • their bank details (IBAN code) and/or other data and information necessary for refunding purposes

wait for an e-mail from the Customer Service authorizing the return with the Return Authorization Code (CAR).

Within 15 days from the receipt of the e-mail authorizing the return, send the products at their own expense to the following address:

Via Juan Manuel Fangio, 11
20020 Lainate (MI), Italy

Place the obtained Return Authorization Code (CAR) in a clearly visible position on the shipped packages.

Once the items are delivered to the warehouse, they be examined to check for any damage or tampering (substantial integrity of the returned goods is an essential condition for the proper exercise of the right of withdrawal).

If this verification is successful, we will refund the items subject to the right of withdrawal in the days immediately following and, in any case, within 14 working days of receipt of the goods. This refund does not include the shipping costs incurred by the Consumer to return goods, in accordance with the discipline provided by the Consumer Code.

We strongly recommend to use a courier that allows shipment tracking. It is understood that OlivYou will not proceed to refund the goods subject to withdrawal if it does not receive the relevant delivery.

It should be noted that, in the case of promotion purchases, where the purchase of an item is combined with another item sold at a minimum price or supplied free of charge, the right of withdrawal will be legitimately exercised with the return of both goods purchased, given the incidental nature of the promotional item with respect to the first one.

For more information on the right of withdrawal and how to exercise it, we recommend you to carefully read Section 10 of the general sales conditions, which also includes a form that can be used to exercise the right of withdrawal.


How can I pay on Olivyou.com?

You can make your purchases on Olivyou.com by choosing between the following payment methods:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express; Visa Electron; top-up credit cards; Maestro enabled ATMs.
The amount will be charged to your card at the time of the order request. No commission will be charged to you. Payment is made through the secure server of our partner, Braintree (PayPal Group).

PayPal: To buy online without having to type in your credit card details on the site. Your account will be debited upon completion of your order. To register a new PayPal account, visit paypal.com.

Sofort (direct online bank transfer): Please enter your usual home banking login details. Data is transmitted to your home banking in encrypted form.

Are any fees charged in case of credit card payment?

No commission will be charged to you

What is the credit card CVV code?

The CVV code is a 3-digit number printed on the back of your credit card on the right-hand side of the signature strip.

Purchase invoices

How can I request an invoice?

The invoice must be expressly requested before payment is made, by filling in the appropriate fields (invoice holder, tax code, VAT number, etc.) on the olivyou.com website during the order process.

Can I request an invoice once the order has been placed?

No, it is no longer possible, nor will it be possible for OlivYou to certify payment by issuing a receipt or fiscal receipt

How will I receive the invoice?

If requested at the time of order, it will be sent automatically to the email address indicated.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Ordinary delivery times after shipment notification are: within 24/48 hours for Europe.

Is it safe to ship bottles of oil by courier?

All our products are shipped exclusively in patented EWINE SECURE PACK packaging. They are among the safest and most reliable packaging types on the market.

How much does shipping cost?

For orders over 129 Euro (VAT included) shipping costs are free. The promotion is valid for all customers, except Professional Customers and Freelancers.


Can I change my delivery details?

Once an order has been placed, it is no longer possible to change the shipping address. If, however, you have not yet placed an order, you can correct or modify your address at any time: just click on your name on the top right of the website header. From there, you can access your personal details panel and edit your data as you prefer.

What should I do when the items are delivered?

Check that the number and type of parcels delivered actually correspond to what you have ordered. The information can be found on the enclosed Transport Document. Also, makes sure that the packages have not opened, tampered with or obviously damaged.

What happens if the items are delivered when there is no one to receive them?

If the recipient of the shipment is absent, the courier will leave a notice on the first attempt and make a second attempt the next day. If the recipient is also absent the second time, the goods will be stored and you will be contacted by our Customer Service to arrange a new delivery.

How to make the delivery easier, if no one is ever home to receive it?

Deliveries are made weekdays, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In this case, it is important to indicate a delivery address where someone is always available to collect the goods at this time (e.g. your office, the doorman or a neighbor). For locations far from the city center, we recommend that you specify your telephone number when ordering in order, to facilitate the work of the courier.

Can a delivery be made to someone other than the person who placed the order?

Of course, just ask the person you have appointed to sign the delivery receipt.

If the package delivered by the courier, is manifestly damaged or stained with liquids, what should I do?

If you happen to receive obviously damaged parcels, only collect the undamaged ones and return the damaged ones to the sender. OlivYou will return the damaged package and replace it. Any shipping costs for the return of the damaged package to the sender and delivery of the new one will be charged to us. If the damaged products are out of stock, we will contact you to offer you replacement products or alternatively a refund of your payment.

What should I do if the products do not correspond to what I actually ordered?

In this case, please contact our customer service immediately and report the problem. We will fix this as soon as possible.

What is a promotional code?

A promotional code is an alphanumeric code that, if entered while making a purchase online, allows allows customers and retailers to receive discounts, gifts, exclusive offers on products olivyou.com

How can i use a promotional code?

The promotional code received by e-mail or indicated on the OlivYou Voucher can be used to receive a discount on an item price. Just enter it in the cart in the relevant field, to see the discount associated with the code. Promotional discounts are not cumulative with products already discounted; if you order a discounted product, the higher discounts between the two promotions shall apply.

How long and how many times can I use my promotional code?

If it has an expiry date, this is indicated in the text of the email you received. If not, the code is always valid. You can also be give it to other people, i.e. a friend of yours to whom you want to give a gift, but it can only be used for one order and must be entered exactly as received, respecting upper and lower case letters. Discounts are not cumulative with products already discounted and are not applicable to all products.

My promotional code doesn’t work.

First of all, check that you have entered the code correctly, respecting upper and lower case characters and spaces. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service.